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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)


MongoDB is a distributed, scalable, and highly available document database service and is classified as a NoSQL database program. MongoDB stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents, meaning fields can vary from document to document and data structure can be changed over time. The document model maps to the objects in your application code, making data easy to work with. MongoDB supports ad hoc queries, indexing, and real time aggregation providing powerful ways to access and analyze your data.

BDTI component: MongoDB


Find below some of the main features of MongoDB:

  • Offers a flexible document data model
  • Support for ad-hoc queries, secondary indexing, and real-time aggregations
  • Incorporate any kind of data (any structure, any format)
  • High scalability and real-time results
  • An intuitive GUI (MongoDB Compass) for searching, running queries, and visualizing data

Use Cases

Find below some examples of possible use cases:

  • Assets management (e.g. obtain a single view of all your assets)
  • Internet of Things (e.g. handle traffic data)
  • Real-time analytics (e.g. identify social program fraud)
  • Content management (e.g. publish government archives online)


Find below some interesting links providing more information on MongoDB: