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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)

Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)

A ready-to-use, free of charge, analytics cloud stack for the public sector offered to all European public administrations to experiment with open-source tools and foster the re-use of public sector data for a data-informed public sector

Learn about BDTI's success stories

The BDTI has already helped public sector entities to:

  • Optimise public procurement procedures in Norway
  • Derive insights about mobility to redesign services in Italy
  • Support clinicians by extracting knowledge from articles in Spain
  • Help the European Blood Alliance to investigate therapy efficiency for COVID-19

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What's new?


Are you interested in learning more about data-driven innovation in the public sector?

Well mark your calendars and stay tuned: we have an exciting event hosted by DIGIT in collaboration with KNIME that will bring together innovators and leaders to explore the latest applications and best practices in the public sector. 

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Start using BDTI

Are you a public administration interested in playing with data?

Get familiar with our service offering and define your data analytics use case by filling the form available in the application process described here.

Once the application form filled in, send it to EC-BDTI-PILOTS@ec.europa.euwe will then come back to you to schedule a meeting to elaborate on your technical and business needs.

Discover BDTI's service offering

BDTI's service offering is grouped under the following functional categories:

  • Databases
  • Data Lake
  • Development Environments
  • Advanced Processing
  • Visualization
  • Orchestration
BDTI's service offering is divided into six categories: datalake (MINIO), databases (MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Virutoso), development environments (Jupyter Lab, R-Studio, Knime,, advanced processing (Apache Spark, ElasticSearch, Kibana), visualization (Apache Superset and Metabase) and orchestration (Apache Airflow)

To learn more about each component, have a look at this page.

Background information about BDTI

The Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) was created by the European Commission in 2019 and it is part of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), which, with a planned overall budget of €7.5 billion, aims to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy, increasing the easy availability, quality and usability of public sector information in compliance with the requirement of the Open Data Directive.

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    European Commission

    Business Owner:  (DG CNECT) - Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

    Service Provider:  (DG DIGIT) - Directorate General for Informatics - Data Services

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