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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)


Virtuoso Universal Server is modern platform built on existing open standards that harnesses the power of Hyperlinks (functioning as Super Keys) for breaking down data silos that impede both user and enterprise ability. For example, Virtuoso's core SQL & SPARQL powers many Enterprise Knowledge Graph initiatives just as it does DBpedia and a majority of nodes in the Linked Open Data Cloud -- the world's largest publicly accessible Knowledge Graph.

BDTI's component: virtuoso


Find below some of the main features of Virtuoso:

  • Data virtualization (Virtuoso enables the construction and deployment of Knowledge Graphs based on existing data exposed APIs such as HTTP, XMLA, and service-specific APIs such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

  • Fusion of data and artificial Intelligence (Virtuoso has a built-in reasoning and inference functionality which makes artificial intelligence, machine-learning, data lineage, and data governance an integral part of its Data Virtualization functionality, facilitating the construction of a modern Knowledge Graph)

  • Intelligent data privacy & security (created Knowledge Graphs manifest as a secure Semantic Web of Linked Data)

  • High Performance & Scalability (irrespective of query complexity, query solution size, and concurrent usage loads)

  • The Virtuoso data store is accessible via the major open standard protocols for various data analytics tools (e.g. Jupyter Notebook)

Use Cases

Find below some examples of possible use cases:

  • Social networking (Virtuoso enables transformation of data from social-media platforms into knowledge graphs that are accessible for both data defintion and data manipulation oriented operations using query languages such as SPARQL and/or SQL)
  • Fraud detection (generate financial profile knowledge graphs from near real time financial activity and reduce cost and complexity with detecting fraudent activity patterns)


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