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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)
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BDTI Essentials Session 4: Analytics

Begin the analytical process by addressing the core objectives.​

In this session, we'll begin the analytical process by addressing core objectives that help you derive meaningful insights from your data within the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI).

What to Expect:

  • Energy Project Analysis: Dive into the data to identify the total energy projects per EU country and visualise them using a pie plot.
  • Temporal Evolution: Analyse the evolution of energy projects over time using line plots, enabling you to spot trends and patterns.
  • CO2 Emissions Ranking: Rank CO2 emissions in EU countries and bring the data to life with interactive bar charts.
  • Tools and Techniques: Learn to leverage PostgreSQL to retrieve data manipulated in previous sessions, harness KNIME for advanced analytics and visualisation, and explore Apache Superset to create powerful data dashboards.

This event is part of the BDTI Essentials Course, which aims to equip professionals with the skills to support the development of a data-informed public sector and learn more about how to derive insights from public sector data.

  • open data | big data | digital skills
  • Friday 15 March 2024, 11:00 - 12:15 (CET)
  • Online only

Practical information

Friday 15 March 2024, 11:00 - 12:15 (CET)
Online only
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