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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)
News article2 March 2022Directorate-General for Digital Services1 min read

Experimenting with BDTI led to new dimensions in labour market intelligence

Forging the Future of Work: CEDEFOP, Eurostat, and BDTI's Collaboration in Labour Market Analytics

This story highlights the collaboration between CEDEFOP and Eurostat in leveraging Online Job Advertisement (OJA) data to enhance European labour market intelligence. Utilising the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI), they overcame technical challenges to analyse vast amounts of OJA data, enabling near real-time statistics and insights into job vacancy trends and skills demand. 

This innovative approach offers a detailed and timely perspective on the labour market, supporting policy-making and contributing to Europe's competitiveness and workforce skill alignment. 

Read how the project achieved tangible results in the success story.

Read Success Story



Publication date
2 March 2022
Directorate-General for Digital Services